Stacey Boyd


Stacey Boyd

Stacey Boyd is chief executive officer of Schoola, an online kids-clothing marketplace where parents can find high-end, like-new clothes from brands such as Crew Cuts, Burberry, and Gap for up to 90 percent off. The clothing that they donate in turn helps fund local schools: $2 of every $5 earned goes to the school of their choice.

The Challenge:
"The response to the idea of Schoola has been so positive. Parents and schools have rallied around the idea remarkably quickly, which has meant extraordinary growth over the past year. In fact, we've had to move warehouses four times to accommodate the amazing growth we've been experiencing. It's a wonderful challenge to have, but a challenge nevertheless."

The Drive:
"Due to the financial crisis of 2008, many kids throughout the United States don't have access to art, drama, music, or physical education–programs that we know make a dramatic impact on the lives of kids. Schoola helps put violins, paint brushes, and basketballs back into the hands of kids, while also helping pre-loved kids' clothes live a second life and protecting the environment."

The Homestretch:
"The natural beauty of the Bay Area never fails to amaze me. My husband, daughters, and I love nothing more than to head out hiking on the weekend. I feel very blessed to call California home."


The Cause:
"Nothing matters more in the life of a child, save for parents, than a teacher. Teachers shape the future for children and help them realize their potential. The National Council for Teacher Quality is a research and policy group working to ensure that every child has an effective teacher."

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