Claude-Alix Bertrand

Haitian Polo Federation

Claude-Alix Bertrand

As captain of the Haiti Polo team and an ambassador of goodwill-at-large for Haiti, Claude-Alix Bertrand works tirelessly to promote tourism and investment by bringing the sport of polo to Haiti.

The Challenge:
"I'm excited about developing the Polo Resort in Haiti. Located directly on the Caribbean Ocean and surrounded by luxury hotels, restaurants, retail and nightlife, this 8,000–acre resort will bring together the sports of polo, golf, sailing, and car racing. While we have great support, we still face the daily challenge of reintroducing Haiti as a resort and investment destination to the world."

The Drive:
"By bringing a polo resort to Haiti, we will be providing jobs and vocational opportunities. Once this resort is complete, it will generate close to 18,000 jobs. The development of the Polo Resort in Haiti will create a new frontier for Haiti's tourism."

The Homestretch:
"I love the diversity in the Bay Area. We are never short of events, from sports to amazing cuisine and concerts. Most of my time is spent practicing and playing polo–for which the climate is great–but I also love motorcycles and frequently ride the beautiful coast along Highway 1. During my off–season, I can often be found at Zuni Café."


The Cause:
"It is not only a humbling experience but also an extremely exciting venture to be a part of rebuilding and developing Haiti's image. When I think of the number of jobs and new opportunities that such a project will allow, it fuels me to work harder. Haiti has been through so much politically, in addition to the earthquake that destroyed the lives of millions. The answer is to rebuild by creating jobs, pride, and independence–and giving an entire population new hope."

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