Andrea Armeni

Transform Finance

Andrea Armeni

The executive director of Transform Finance, Andrea Armeni leads a nonprofit that has created an ecosystem of services, trainings, resources, and connections for all stakeholders in the field of community–centered impact investing.

The Challenge:
"The work of Transform Finance is pretty groundbreaking work. The concepts are very new and unfamiliar to most people, so we have to spread the word and advocate for them–it's not a 10-second snippet on how to change the world. Because we are set up as a nonprofit but working in innovative finance, funding our work is always a challenge. Thankfully, people are hearing our message, understanding the importance of this work, and becoming amazing partners."

The Drive:
"In the last few years, investors have joined more traditional philanthropists in putting their capital to work for social change. I am passionate about creating the right frameworks and the right tools so that capital can really be of help to communities. It's a bridge-building exercise that brings an understanding of social justice to the finance community and an understanding of finance to community-based organizations, so they can meet and work for the common good."

The Homestretch:
"I grew up in Europe, studied on the East Coast, and made my way to California seven years ago, largely on a whim that there was something special here. The region's historical roots in progressive causes, combined with its willingness to try new solutions, inspire me every day. I am grateful for the overall California ethos and work environment that allows us to do what we do."


The Cause:
"A Bay Area–based nonprofit, Transform Finance works to bring a socially just, community-centered approach to finance, especially to impact-investing projects that seek to have a positive impact on communities. My approach is to move from the concept of charity, or giving back, to really incorporating our values into our everyday work."

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