Amy Errett

Madison Reed

Amy Errett

Amy Errett, chief executive officer of Madison Reed, pilots a company that is reinventing the way women color their hair. It provides affordable, salon-quality hair products that are free of harsh chemicals like ammonia, PPD, and resorcinol, making them healthier for both consumers and the environment.

The Challenge:
"We are disrupting a huge industry that has a lot more money and resources than we do. The hair-color industry has taught consumers that in order for hair color to work, it has to have harsh chemicals. We are on a mission to change that dialogue and dispel that notion."

The Drive:
"I am obsessed with creating high-functioning teams within a culture that fosters respect and kindness while still holding everyone accountable and striving for excellence. We are doing what's right for our customers and putting that ahead of making money."

The Homestretch:
"There are so many things I love to do in the Bay Area. I'm a huge foodie, so it's great to visit the Ferry Building, the farmers' markets, and wine country. I also enjoy going to Giants games, skiing in Tahoe, and walking along Ocean Beach."


The Cause:
"At Madison Reed, we are really focused on highlighting gratitude, which we relate to business success. I deeply believe that getting in touch with gratitude has been the secret to my happiness. When you reach out, help other people, and give back, you get in touch with the goodness that is outside of us. I'm an active Glide board member and have chaired the board for the last few years. Glide's mission is to create an unconditionally loving and inclusive community that breaks the cycle of poverty and marginalization. Whether it is feeding someone who needs food or helping a family that is less fortunate, doing my work at Glide gives my life more meaning and purpose."

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